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It is my impression that the original Hebrew was pronounced 
with every syllable consisting of a consonant followed by a 
vowel, even at the ends of words. What that vowel was, 
"modern" pointing no longer shows. I suspect that all nouns 
may have ended with a -a or -e, names possibly -u. Thus the 
original word spelled as aleph beth (alepa beta) would have 
been given the pronunciation of aba. But by the time of Jesus, 
only a handful of the most common words still retained their 
original pronunciation, such as father.

Does not the final aleph in Aramaic refer to the definite 
article? If so, then abba would mean "the father" which sounds 
awfully formal.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Martin Shields" <enkidu at bigpond.net.au>

> Thanks to Vince Medina, however, for pointing out Barr's article. I
> will endeavour to read it.
> As for the Hebrew/Aramaic issue, my immediate impression is that the
> Greek Abba (αββα) would represent Aramaic אבא. What Hebrew
> could Abba represent?
> Martin Shields,
> Sydney, Australia.

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