[b-hebrew] IaBe = YHWH or IaBe = Jove?

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Sat Jul 23 06:40:36 EDT 2005

Does "IaBe" = "YHWH" or does "IaBe" =  "Jove"?
Josephus Book 12, Chapter 5 quotes the Samaritans as saying [under
We therefore beseech thee, our benefactor and saviour,
to give order to Apolonius, the governor of this part of the country,
and to Nicanor, the procurator of thy affairs,
to give us no disturbances,
nor to lay to our charge what the Jews are accused for,
since we are aliens from their nation and from their customs, 
but let our temple which at present hath no name at all,
be named the Temple of Jupiter Hellenius.
The God of Jupiter is said to be named “Jove”.
“Jove” is thought to be pronounced similar to “IaBe”
Some sources recommend pronouncing the "o"  in "Jove" as "ah",
but instead try pronouncing the “o” in “Jove”,  like the “o” in “Joshua”
e.g. J(awe)v(eh) 

To be redundant:
Does "IaBe" = "YHWH" or does "IaBe" =  "Jove"?
Dave Donnelly

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