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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 22/07/2005 17:44, Alexander Oldernes wrote:

>When I see name Jehudah, YHWDH, I see that the difference from the 
>tetragrammaton is the Daleth.
>If I remove the Daleth from YeHUDaH, and keep the vowel "a", I get YeHUaH / 
>...my personal logic tells me that the pronunciation may not be very 
>different from Jehudah.

The problem with your personal logic is that you can't simply leave a 
consonant out of a Hebrew word and expect the surrounding vowels to be 

>( One interesting detail is the 3rd person masculine HaWaH in Ecclesiastes 
>11:3, which is pronounced YeHU[a] )

This is an odd form. But it does not finish with an "a" vowel, but with 
an alef which was a glottal stop - although perhaps silent at the end of 
a word here. And it has nothing to do with the divine name.

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