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I don't have much time - candle lighting is in a few minutes.

There are several names of G-d, they are used throughout the Torah 
and in our prayer books and blessings, and they refer to different 
aspects of G-d - it is not accidental why one is used here and 
another one is used there, etc.

Yod Heh (what you say "Yah") is one of them

The Kabbalists know many many others, they are figured out by 
permutation of letters.

The reason I write G-d with a dash in the middle, is out of habit, 
from what I was taught since I could first write, we OBVIOUSLY know 
that G_D (there - I INTENDED to write it with the "O" in the middle, 
but my fingers just didn't do it - I am a speed typist) is not G-d's 
name, but, out of respect, we do it this way, TO REMIND US that G-d's 
name(s) are sacred and not to be used in casual conversation

There is no FEAR involved  here.

And it is NOT superstition

G-d's names are not lost, they are used in prayer, and when reading 
the Torah on specified times, Shabbat, festivals, etc., and the NAME 
OF NAMES is also not lost, but is known/will be known, when the 
proper time arises to say it.

(When we read the Torah or pray, we pronounce that name as "adonay" 
Some day, the right person will pronounce it correctly)

Shabbat Shalom, lighting candles right now


Are you saying that Yah has more than 1 name? Do you know the
original pronunciation? I notice that you write 'G-d' instead of
'God'. Is this out of fear of taking his name in vain? I'm
only asking because recently someone in another forum brought
such a practice to my attention and it brought to mind the
original superstition which caused the pronunciation of
such a beautiful name to be lost in the first place.
Do you believe Yah intended for his name to be lost? If so, do
you think he intends to make it known once more in the future or
would we be better just forgetting the matter all together?

I am very interested to hear your feelings on this matter because
it may help me to understand why the hebrews would stop using the
most common word in their writings.

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You are clearly mistaken from a purely historical point of view.  You
should read Marvin Meyer's Ancient Christian Magic.  Further, it is no
attack on the faith to tell the truth.  That for some people prayer is
"magical" is utterly indisputable.  Utterly.

And it was so for the Kabbalists, although "magic" has a bad connotation

They teach that the world was CREATED by G-d's "speech", and that
words and other utterances have great power to effect changes in the
spiritual worlds, and that G-d's various names have more power and
that is why we cannot pronounce them except in prayer, and that the
NAME OF NAMES has even MORE power - and -


No matter HOW LONG you play the game

Shabbat Shalom

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