[b-hebrew] Hebrew calender?

Stephen stephen4yeshua at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 22 16:19:03 EDT 2005

I am curious about the original Hebrew calender.
The gregorian calender, used by most western nations today, was established by pope gregory VII in 1582. It is a solar calender.
In Jewish calender the months are determined by the moon, and year by the sun, as far as I can tell?
In think there are 12 months with 29 or 30 days, in the Jewish calender?
Over the years it is clear the names of the months and the process of establishing the calender has changed, following babylonian exile in 586 to 516 BC, and now the Jewish calender refelcts babylonian names, as these names still appear in the Jewish calender.
I am curious if first, I am off base on these predicates, and second, if I am not off,  then what are the original Hebrew Jewish names for the calender?
I know today the new moon is called Rosh Hodesh (head of months) and is marked in the synagogue with prayers, Torah readings, and special greetings.
I know in Exodus Elohiym established the order of months. This, as I believe, was the first calender used to determine the holy days. 
Could (Nisan) be the original Hebrew name of the first month and marks the redemption of Yisrael from Egypt?
By the time of Y'shua, there was a second calender used for civil affairs. This calender began with the month Tishri. The first Tishri was the civil new year, Rosh HaShanah. The second calender I believe is still in use?
If these predicates are true, then what was the first calender?
Is it true, in determing the Jewish calender year, add 3761 to western calender year?
The Jewish year  5765 begins on Sept 16 of the gregorian year 2004?
Answers would be much appreciated.

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