[b-hebrew] Aramaic - Abba

Ken Penner pennerkm at mcmaster.ca
Fri Jul 22 14:57:00 EDT 2005

Hi James,
There must be more to your argument, which as it stands appears to be:

Aramaic was sometimes used by Jews in the Second Temple period.
Therefore "Aramaic had firmly supplanted the Hebrew language in everyday
use" in the first century.

It seems to me that three languages were in use in first century Judaea, so
demonstrating the use of one does not demonstrate its dominance over the
others. But it would be helpful to consider which  kinds of evidence could
we appeal to in order to show which (if any) of the three was dominant for
everyday use.

Ken Penner

> Of the top of my head the fact that large portions of Daniel 
> are written in Aramaic show that this shift had began. Also 
> Jesus use of Aramaic shows it was either used in his day or 
> he was just using loanwords. And finally, aren't some of the 
> apocryphal writings after the exile written in a strain of 
> Aramaic? (I haven't read them and so I'm just going of secondary 
> sources)

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