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I concur that they were doing it. what I disagree on is when they were 
doing it. I think it is clear that this behaviour was before their conversion.
There are also places that tell people not to lie,steal,murder etc. But that
doesn't lead me to believe that these things were acceptable christian practises.

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You don't have to tell someone to stop doing something unless they are 
doing it.  Our search for the meaning of Abba on the lips of Jesus is a 
dead end- because at the end of the day, we have no way of knowing if 
Jesus used the word or if it was placed in his mouth by writers who 
thought it an efficacious word to use in prayer.

Read James C wrote:

> > 1) there were
> >christians who HAD magic books and used them, and 2) they were led to a
> >better understanding of prayer then they previously held (which means
> >that previously they held that prayer and magic were interrelated). 
> >Acts itself proves my contention.
> The way I understood it is that after converting to Christianity they
> understood that the use of these books was bad. The books were of
> great value but they didn't sell them because this would perpetuate
> the evil. So instead at great expense they burned them and this, to
> me (and I think most people) shows that the early christians were
> very much against the use of magic.


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