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Jim West jwest at highland.net
Fri Jul 22 14:32:12 EDT 2005

Read James C wrote:

> I think it is possible to find books which support just
> about every thought in the world conceivable. But it is clear
> from the ancient writings what their opinions were on these
> things, whether a person accepts them as authentic or not.
> Putting magic overtones on the declaration which was clearly
> directed to the El $aDai of the hebrew bible is ludicrous at
> best and can only be entertained by lovers of controversy.

That is certainly true.  Even the position which suggests that the red 
letter bible contains the very words, in king james english, that jesus 
spoke.  Further, that Acts has to say that christians (!) took their 
magical books and burned them means at least two things- 1) there were 
christians who HAD magic books and used them, and 2) they were led to a 
better understanding of prayer then they previously held (which means 
that previously they held that prayer and magic were interrelated).  
Acts itself proves my contention.


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