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On 22/07/2005 17:10, Yigal Levin wrote:

>Okay, then, assuming that Mark records the tradition faithfully, the
>question is whether Jesus would have been using Aramaic or Hebrew, and
>whether the form ABBA at that time would have been more formal or less. Or,
>on the other hand, what Mark intended by putting the word Abba in Jesus'
>mouth. I really don't think that we have enough information to go on.
Well, there are several apparently Aramaic words recorded in 
transliteration in Mark's gospel, e.g. TALIQA in 5:41 and SABACQANI in 
15:34 (Q = theta, C = chi), and an apparently Hebrew one, ELWI = Elohi 
in 15:34 (W = omega). Translations into Greek are given for all of them, 
just as for "Abba". One interpretation is that Jesus was always speaking 
Aramaic. Another is that Jesus was normally speaking Hebrew which was 
translated into Greek, and the few Aramaic words preserved are preserved 
to show their distinctively Aramaic nature.

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