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On 22/07/2005 14:40, Read, James C wrote:

>When I was a classical greek student we used to use an online 
>resource called perseus. I can't remember the URL but it has 
>perseus in it at some point. As far as I can remember it 
>wasn't easily copiable because it will only give you a few chapters 
>at a time and so copying can be laborious. And the text used 
>transliterations and not greek fonts if I remember rightly but 
>once you've got the text conversion to unicode should be 
>straighforward enough as long as the transliteration is uniform.

http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/ You can choose between Greek script and 
transliteration. Click "Classics" and you can choose Herodotus in Greek 
or in English.

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