[b-hebrew] [b-Hebrew] YHWH Pronunciation - cholam analysis & Ben Hayim text question

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Fri Jul 22 06:58:35 EDT 2005

Peter Kirk writes:

Again, this presupposes an accidental omission. 
There are reasonable alternatives. 
One might be that, according to some reading tradition, 
the divine name was most commonly pronounced something like shema',
but in just a very few cases 'adonay, or 'elohim:


Why would the Masoretes point YHWH with the vowels  shewa-holem-qamets,
if they wanted the Hebrew reader to pronounce that spelling "Adonay"?

Why wouldn't the Masoretes have pointed YHWH with the vowels hatef
if they were trying to indicate to the Jewish reader he was to read
"Adonay" ?

At Judges 16:28 when YHWH followed Adonay,
the Masoretes pointed YHWH with the precise vowels of Elohiym,
which included placing the composite shewa, hatef segol under the yod.

In 1008-1010 A.D. the Masoretes did not seem to recognize any Hebrew
grammar rules,
that might have prevented them from placing a composite shewa under a

Dave Donnelly


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