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And yet, "El" is *also* a proper name, of the Canaanite god El (as in  
Yisra-El ...?).

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>> I read somewhere that while yhwh was unique to the el shadai that the
>> term el was used for many gods both false and true. That while el  
>> merely
>> describes a title of divinity the name yhwh indentifies that  
>> divinity as
>> the one and only god of the hebrew. e.g. 'yhwh god of hosts'
> This is correct. "El", "Eloah", "Elohim", like Aramaic "Elah", Arabic
> "Allah", Akkadian "Illu" etc. is the generic term for "god(s)". In a
> multi-theistic world, specific gods had specific names: Hadad, Dagan,
> Chemosh, Marduk, Ashur, Amun and also YHWH. "El Shaddai" is a  
> title, not a
> proper name. In the Bible, it is used of YHWH.
> Here's food for thought: in 1 Sam. 17:43, Goliath "cursed David by his
> elohim". Every translation that I've seen has "cursed David by his  
> gods",
> meaning that Goliath cursed by his own gods (hence the lowercase  
> g). But the
> Hebrew could just as easily be read "cursed David by his God" since  
> the pl.
> Elohim is also used as the title of the single God of Israel.
> Yigal
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