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Thank you.
It's all coming back to me now. It's years since I did hebrew classes 
but now you mention it I remember the prof saying what you said about 
the vowels before the final he.

I find it interesting that the vowels of eloah follow an identical 
pattern to the proposed yahowah. 

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>After hearing all the evidences in favour of a bisyllabic Yaho/Yahu 
>pronunciation my curiosity has been much aroused.
>Does anyone know of any examples of a final long o/u vowel with a 
>terminating vocal he?
>Is the pronunciation Yahoh/Yahuh possible?
>Is it possible that the waw only ever stood for a long vowel of 
>type o/u?
>If so, why do names comprising Yaho/Yahu emit the final he?
A word final vocal he (i.e. he with mappiq) follows the same rule as for 
het and ayin, that it must be preceded by an "a" vowel. So, if there is 
originally another vowel, a "furtive patah" is inserted giving a short 
"a" sound. Thus for example there is the rare word for "God" ELOAH, with 
a furtive patah before the vocal he - and its more common plural form 
ELOHIM, where the furtive patah has disappeared because this is no 
longer the final syllable.

Also Yahoh and Yahuh are impossible because an "a" vowel in that 
position would be shortened to sheva.

So we might expect, rather than Yahoh or Yahuh, Yehoah or Yehuah - where 
"e" represents sheva, and the final "h" is pronounced. These are indeed 
possible pronunciations of YHWH - and, yes, they are trisyllabic.

Peter Kirk
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