[b-hebrew] yhwh pronunciation

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After hearing all the evidences in favour of a bisyllabic Yaho/Yahu 
pronunciation my curiosity has been much aroused.
Does anyone know of any examples of a final long o/u vowel with a 
terminating vocal he?
Is the pronunciation Yahoh/Yahuh possible?
Is it possible that the waw only ever stood for a long vowel of 
type o/u?
If so, why do names comprising Yaho/Yahu emit the final he?

Just trying to explore all possibilities.

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   What compounds this issue  is the fact that YHWH as a deity was definitely attested in the Mesha Inscription, that is, the end of the ninth century BCE; there is no reason to assume  that this was a brand new deity. It may well have been worshipped some centuries before that as the Egyptian  "The People of YHW" strongly suggests, even if the expression refers to a toponym.
  During these centuries, before the name became taboo, its pronounciation may well have changed, both according to regions and with time. So when the attempt is made to reconstruct it one may well ask  --  to what period,  to the way it was pronounced by the Masoretes, by writers of the DSS, by scribes in the Persian period, by those who erected the first temple?


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