[b-hebrew] high priest on Yom Kippur -- no strings attached?

Søren Holst sh at teol.ku.dk
Wed Jul 20 11:50:49 EDT 2005

Hi Schmuel

Here are the first few sites I came across that claimed the tradition is not in any of the ancient sources:




I may have overstated the case in decribing the writers as knowledgeable in general (I didn't particularly look into the credentials), but the fact that nobody seemed to give a source for the tradition made me trust the ones who claim it just isn't there :-)

But assuming that it really is not in Jopsephus, the Mishnah or any text of comparable age, the fact remains that the story is going around, so it has to come from somewhere. I'm intrigued to hear it goes as far back as the Zohar. Gotta run off and see if we have that in the library.

kol tuv

Rolf's reference to Yoma 6,2 was nothing to do with ropes, but related to the other thread about pronunciation of the tetragrammaton, right?

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> Hi b-hebrew,
> Soren
> >> a tradition that the high priest on Yom Kippur was to wear a rope around 
> his ankle, so he could >> be hauled out if he was to die in the Holy of Holies. 
> > .. I seem to have contributed to keeping a baseless tall story alive: ... 
> Some pretty 
> > knowledgeable people.... go out of their way to debunk it.  apologies for 
> my gullibility
> Schmuel
> No apology necessary :-)  
> Who are some of these knowledgeable folks ?  
> Anybody from Aish or Orthodox circles ?
> Liz Fried
> I thought it was in Tractate Yoma but I can't seem to find it. 
> Rolf Furuli
> The place is Yoma 6,2.
> Schmuel
> http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/t03/yom11.htm
> I don't see it, although I could check Soncino . or maybe I'm missing it.
> A friend Craig posted on my email forum, saying it was otherwise an oral 
> tradition
> The Zohar says:
> "a cord was tied to feet of high priest before he entered the Holy of Holies" 
>    (Zohar V (on Vayikra), 102a)
> Shalom,
> Steven Avery
> Queens, NY
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