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Yaacov Yeretz ierets at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 19:28:29 EDT 2005

Dear James C,

You write:
	Plus the fact that the vast majority of Hebrew verbs
are trisyllabic
	I see no reason to doubt that it was of the form

May I ask you some questions:

Why do you take the Sacred Name for a verb? --
Suggesting YHWH was a proper
noun, i.e. a name, would this make a difference to
you? -- And if so, and if
up and above this name would happen to be the root and
source of all words
(and roots) of the Hebrew and whatsoever other
language -- would this
complicate the subject for you somewhat more even?

Could it be that the word YHWH represents more than
just a trisyllabic verb,
and consequently most pronunciations of the
Tetragrammaton we've been
presented so far -- although we deeply appreciate the
scientific efforts
which have been put into some of those "solutions" --
are noughts?

I doubt that the truth about the Sacred Name can be
discovered by the means
of research. This would somehow contradict the claim
of the Scriptures, that
YHWH is not reached by the human spirit, but that in
the contrary, YHWH
reveals Himself to whom He wants. 

When I read the Scriptures and look at Moshe and
others, do I get it right
that there was no effort needed by them to receive
such revelation? And if
YHWH would want someone to get the point today,
wouldn't he surely do so

And if YHWH did so, and that person would come telling
us, that he got the
revelation: how would we others know that he is not

There is only one way it could possibly be done: a
prove from the
Scriptures, whatever easy or difficult it was to
explain. But it has to come
thisway in order to be beyond any doubt.

This way has not yet been gone by any researcher I
have heard so far. But if
there will come one some day, I will be first to
listen to him (or her).



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