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Tue Jul 19 16:27:04 EDT 2005

Read, James C wrote:

>While it can justifiably be argued that the pronunciation of the name has been lost through various superstitions and pharisee style over-burdening the same cannot be said for the multitude of YaHo's and YaHu's we see appended and prepended to many names as early as Ex17:9's YeHo$ua. 
This brings up something I've been curious about for some time. Several 
of these names have variant spellings/pronunciations. The example the 
leaps to mind is that of אליהו ('eliyahu), which is also written (as in 
Malachi 3.23) אליה (eliyah). Does this reflect a difference in 
pronunciation in different regions (Northern Kingdom v Southern) or 
different time periods? And could it reflect a difference in 
pronunciation of YHWH, or is it assumed to be restricted to the derived 

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