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Mon Jul 18 12:26:20 EDT 2005

Peter Kirk wrote:

>I am interested to see here evidence that the holam was found in Aleppo, 
>and so even earlier than L. This would make me question whether this is 
>really an "error". Perhaps it was the original pointing, which was for 
>some reason partially but incompletely suppressed in some MSS. The 
>argument that this is really a misplaced revia is an unlikely one. The 
>Masoretic accentuation is very precise, and there is no way that the 
>same word would have been left accented with both revia and another 
>accent multiple times by mistake.
The opinion of Rudolf Meyer (in his excellent /Hebräische Grammatik/, § 
17.2), contrary to that of Gertoux, is that the old vocalization of the 
tetragrammaton was with holem (to be read /Adonay/) and that the 
vocalization with only shewa and qamats (to be read as Aramaic /Shema' 
/= Hebrew /ha-Shem/) is a later one. I do not have an opinion now on who 
is right.


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