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On 18/09/2005 02:26, Christopher V. Kimball wrote:

(In fact you really wrote in July not September, please correct your 
computer's clock)

>The versification of the Tanach is considered in a new page at
>http://www.cvkimball.com/Tanach/Lists/Verses.xml .

I consider the words "The current versification of the Tanach into 
chapters and verses is later than the Leningrad Codex" to be misleading. 
The division into verses is not later than L, in fact it is clearly 
marked in L by sof pasuq etc. It is the division into chapters which is 
later than L. And of course the numbering scheme is later than L because 
it is dependent on the chapter divisions.

In fact there are some places e.g. the start of Isaiah 64 where the 
chapter division was put in the middle of a verse as defined by sof 
pasuq. This has led to some confusion in numbering schemes. And there 
are a significant number of other anomalies in the numbering, and 
differences between Hebrew and English numbering. See 
for some more details.

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