[b-hebrew] Questions about YHWH

Yaacov Yeretz ierets at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 17 12:46:53 EDT 2005

Shalom to everybody on this list!

Excuse me if I'm not exactly on track with this groups
exact topic with my
questions. They are related to the fact that in
several postings I read the
assumption, that the Tetragrammaton's public use
(always?) was more or less

I tend to believe that there once was a time, when the
name YHVH was
proclaimed publicly, for example during Yom Kippur
services in the first and
second Temple period. Am I wrong with this? Even to
Yeshua the name was
known according to what he says in John 17:6 and
17:26, or have I got it

And if I'm right: Could anybody tell me, when the
pronunciation of the
Tetragrammaton became banned? Could it be that it
happened in the lifetime
of Yeshua? Could the further use of the name by him
and his disciples have
been one of the reasons why Christians and Jews went
different ways? Are any
documents around about the subject?

If I'm too much off list perhaps someone could help me
with some reference
to literature about the subject. I assume that someone
might have looked
into it before.

Thank you for considering my questions!

Yaacov Yeretz

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