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On 16/07/2005 23:41, Dr. Joel M. Hoffman wrote:

>>2) Why is the Holem often lacking, for example in Codex Aleppo (and also in
>>BHS, following this manuscript) in Gen 15:1?
>The Cholam Chaser is lacking in Leningrad, too.  Does anyone know who
>first put the cholam in YHWH?
It may be lacking in Leningrad in this verse, but it is not lacking in 
every verse. See 
http://www.qaya.org/academic/hebrew/Exo_13-15_L_divine_name.png for the 
divine name with holam in Exodus 13:15, taken from a facsimile of L. 
 From some off list correspondence I understand that the holam occurs 
about 44 times in BHS, which is supposed to be an exact copy of L.

I also looked at several of these occurrences of the divine name (in 
Jeremiah) in a facsimile of the Aleppo codex. There is no sign of a 
holam there. That suggests that these holams are were an innovation in 
L. I can send images if you like, offlist.

Peter Kirk
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