[b-hebrew] Questions about YHWH

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Sat Jul 16 15:17:41 EDT 2005

Martin Arhelger writes:

It has been generally accepted (and I think rightly so) that the original
spelling of YHWH has been YaHWe. 

Lately the name "Yahwe" or "Yahweh" is being critiqued on various
Internet sites and on various Discussion Boards.

One reason is that more people are becoming aware that there are three
different Greek spellings of the Tetragrammaton  found in the various
editions of  Clement of Alexandria's Greek Stromata Book V. Chapter 6:34.

The question arises did Clement say that the Tetragrammaton was
pronounced Iaou or Iaoue or Iaouai?

"Iaoue" can be transliterated into English as "Yahweh"
"Iaou" cannot.

Does anyone know the age of the oldest Greek manuscript of Stromata Book
V. Chapter 6:34 that has the Greek spelling "Iaoue" in it?

Dave Donnelly

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