[b-hebrew] Questions about YHWH

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
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On 16/07/2005 12:17, Alexander Oldernes wrote:

>... In 
>actual fact, before 1100 CE , the Tetragram has been pointed with only the 
>two vowels e, a of the Aramaic word Shema which means "The Name".The vowel o 
>appeared, after 1100 CE , owing to the influence of the reading of the word 

In actual fact, this is untrue. In Codex Leningradensis from around 1000 
CE, a small minority of instances of the divine name are pointed with 
holam over the middle.

A huge range of views on the divine name can be found on the Internet, 
some unfortunately based on incorrect facts and bad argumentation.

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