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According to http://www.divinename.net/
Frequently Asked Questions: "A5- Did the name Jehovah come from a wrong 
reading which mixed together the consonants of the Tetragram with the vowels 
of the word Adonay ?":


The word Yahowah has never been used in any Bibles. The (fanciful) 
grammatical pattern which involves a change a to e has never existed. In 
actual fact, before 1100 CE , the Tetragram has been pointed with only the 
two vowels e, a of the Aramaic word Shema which means "The Name".The vowel o 
appeared, after 1100 CE , owing to the influence of the reading of the word 

            Paul Drach, a rabbi converted to Catholicism, explained in his 
work De l'harmonie entre l'église et la synagogue (Of the Harmony between 
the Church and the Synagogue) published in 1842, why it was logical that the 
pronunciation Yehova, which was in agreement with the beginning of all the 
theophoric names, was the authentic pronunciation, contrary to the form of 
Samaritan origin Yahvé. He also demonstrated the delirious way of the 
transmutation of vowels a, o, a of the word Adonay into e, o, a, because 
this hypothetical grammatical rule (and against nature concerning a qere / 
kethib) was already running down with the word Èlohim which keeps its three 
vowels è, o, i without needing to change them in e, o, i.


Alexander Oldernes

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> It has been generally accepted (and I think rightly so) that the original
> spelling of YHWH has been YaHWe. Later the punctuation of  ADoNaY has been
> added. (Misspelling of this led to the reading YeHoWaH) as in similar
> cases
> of Qere Perpetuum.
> Now my questions:
> 1) Why is a Shewa below the Yod of YHWH? If it is to be read as ADoNaY 
> there
> should be a Hatef-patah below the Yod but no Shewa.
> 2) Why is the Holem often lacking, for example in Codex Aleppo (and also 
> in
> BHS, following this manuscript) in Gen 15:1?
> I know that questions about YHWH have often been discussed on this list. 
> But
> I am not aware that my two questions have been answered.
> Thanks for helps !
> Martin Arhelger, Germany
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