[b-hebrew] Questions about YHWH

Martin Arhelger arhelger at gmx.de
Sat Jul 16 04:22:54 EDT 2005

It has been generally accepted (and I think rightly so) that the original
spelling of YHWH has been YaHWe. Later the punctuation of  ADoNaY has been
added. (Misspelling of this led to the reading YeHoWaH) as in similar cases
of Qere Perpetuum.

Now my questions:

1) Why is a Shewa below the Yod of YHWH? If it is to be read as ADoNaY there
should be a Hatef-patah below the Yod but no Shewa.

2) Why is the Holem often lacking, for example in Codex Aleppo (and also in
BHS, following this manuscript) in Gen 15:1?

I know that questions about YHWH have often been discussed on this list. But
I am not aware that my two questions have been answered.

Thanks for helps !

Martin Arhelger, Germany

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