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On behalf of professors Thompson and Müller, I take the liberty of sending the lists a little plugging for the forthcoming Niels Peter Lemche Festschrift. Although 15 of the 30 articles are in English (14 Danish, 1 Norwegian), the book still has to make it on Danish market conditions, which in this case means the publisher demands a certain number of copies sold in advance by subscription to ensure that he's not throwing money out the window.

By subscribing you get the 450 page book at app. two thirds the full price, i.e. US$ 37,- [DKK 225,-] (+ package and posting) rather than the full 53,- [DKK 325,-], plus you get the option of having your name included in the list of congratulants.

Official text + table of contents below

kol tuv
Subscription Invitation

Niels Peter Lemche will celebrate his 60th birthday on September 6th, 2005. In order to honor Niels Peter for his engagement and comprehensive involvement not only in the field of Old Testament studies, but also in the field of biblical exegesis as a whole, a Festschrift will be published with the title Historie og konstruktion, ("History and Representation") which is being edited by Mogens Müller and Thomas L. Thompson. In thirty articles, a number of different issues are discussed, related to the theme of the volume. The book will also include a picture of Niels Peter, a short foreword by the editors, a bibliografi of  Lemche's published works and a tabula gratulatoria.

The thirty contributors and their titles are:

Hans M. Barstad: "Jeremiah as Text. Some Reflections on Genre and Reality in Old Testament prophetic Research" - Bob Becking: ""Until This Day". On an Adverbial Adjunct and Biblical Historiography" - Ehud Ben Zvi: "Beginning to Address the Question: Why were Prophetic Books Produced and 'Consumed' in Ancient Yehud?" - Per Bilde: "Josefus om henrettelsen af Jakob (Ant 20,197-203). Et bidrag til at drøfte og illustrere problemstillingen "historie og konstruktion"" - Pernille Carstens: "I al sin glans. Om tilsynekomst i tekst og billede" - Philip Davies, "What Is minimalism and Why Do so many People Dislike It?" - Greg Doudna: "Who Is the Lion of Wrath of Pesher Nahum? A Brief Analysis" -  Diana Edelman: "Nehemiah's Adversary, Tobiah the Patron" - Bodil Ejrnæs: ""Jeg husker dig for din velsignelse, Zion ... ". Zionmotivet i en salme fra Qumran" - Troels Engberg-Pedersen, "Om gavegivning hos Pierre Bordieu, Seneca og Paulus" - Israel Finkelstein: "Iron I Shilo: Twenty Years Later" - Lester Grabbe: ""How Reliable are Biblical Reports?". A Response to V. Philips Long" - Ingrid Hjelm: "Changing Paradigms: Judaean and Samaritan Histories in Light of Recent Research " - Else Kragelund Holt: "Konstruktionen af personen profeten Jeremias" - Søren Holst: "Abraham at Qumran" - Niels Hyldahl: "Forholdet mellem Det Gamle og Det Nye Testamente" - Jesper Høgenhaven: ""All who make idols are nothing" Polemics against idolatry in Second Isaiah" - Hans Jørgen Lundager Jensen: "Durkheim ved Sinaj" - Knud Jeppesen: "Building and Foundation! An Essay about history and religion in the Old Testament" - Douglas A. Knight: "Erobring og okkupasjon. Krig ifølge Josvaboken" - Helge Kvanvig: "History and Narration in the Old Testament. A Theological Assessment" - Mogens Müller: "Lukasevangeliets iscenesættelse af en historisk Jesus. Om den fortidige fortid" - Flemming Nielsen: "Jahves kamp mod sin udsending" - Jesper Tang Nielsen: "Fødselshistoriens narrative konstruktion" - Kirsten Nielsen: "Konstruktion af betydningsgivende sammenhænge. Eller Noget om krig, løver, hunde, fugle og en vingård" - Christina Petterson: "Slutning på slutning. Johannes 21 og disciplen på anden hånd" - John Strange: "Moses - en mytologisk figur?" - Thomas Thompson: "How the Heroes Have Fallen!" - Emanuel Tov: "Recording the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Text Editions of Hebrew Scripture" - Henrik Tronier: "Den historisk-kritiske eksegese som allegorisk bibelfortolkning"
The Festschrift Historie og konstruktion will comprise some. 450 pages and the sales price will be 325 Danish crowns. With the purchase of a subscription before the 6th of September, the volume can be obtained at the special price of 225 Danish crowns, plus the costs for packing and postage. If the subscription is ordered before August 1st it will be possible to have one's name listed in the tabula gratulatoria. It is possible to include both one's own name and that of one's spouse, plus the name of one's city. 

Subscriptions can be made by writing to the secretary Anne-Lise Pemmer, Department of Biblical Studies, Købmagergade 44-46, DK 1150 Copenhagen K, or via e-mail : alp at teol.ku.dk as follows:

The undersigned herewith order the Festschrift for Niels Peter Lemche's 60th birthday on the 6th of September, 2005 at the subscription price of 225 Danish crowns. I want/ do not want (delete one) to have my name included in the tabula gratulatoria. 
Adress (city):

Yours sincerely,
Mogens Müller  			Thomas L. Thompson 

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