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Yes, Yokne'am is the Hebrew spelling of Jokneam, and yes, according to most
scholars, it was in Zebulun's territory (although the actual site is farther
south, in Manasseh). However, these particular stamp impressions, known to
archaeologists as LMLK stamps, are impressed on large storage jars - not the
kind of thing that a tourist or a pilgrim would carry home with him. We
should remember, that most pottery was not moved around for its own sake,
but as a vessel with some content. These LMLK stamps were found on
jar-handles throughout Judah in the destruction layers dated to the end of
the 8th century - in other words, destroyed by Sennacherib's army. The
inscription "belonging to the king", followed by the name of one of four
towns in Judah (Hebron, Ziph, Sochoh and the unidentified MMST) have led
scholars to believe that the Jars were used as part of a distribution system
for supplies (grain, oil etc.) as part of Hezekiah's preperations for the
invasion. As far as I know, the only other site in the north, in which these
stamps have been found, is Jezreel.


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> > Another simpler possibility is that the jar was brought north by a
traveller or a merchant.
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> Or by one of the people of Asher, Manasseh and Zebulun recorded in 2
> Chronicles 30:11 as visiting Jerusalem to celebrate Passover in
> Hezekiah's time. (Jokneam in the territory of Zebulun, according to
> Joshua 21:34 and 1 Chronicles 6:77 - if this is the same place as
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