[b-hebrew] Hebrew in messages

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Mon Jul 11 18:55:45 EDT 2005

On 11/07/2005 19:56, Karl Randolph wrote:

>You admit that the problem with your reading of Hebrew in email messages is your mail program.

No, I have consistently said that the problem is with YOUR mail program, 
not with mine. Your program sends out Hebrew characters in an invalid 

>The online email program that I am using may be changing the Hebrew to character entities, but the interpretation of those character entities to Hebrew letters when I read messages is happening in my browser. That your mail program does not render html correctly, in this case character entities, should not be blamed on any other source. Apparently that is common among mail programs.

Plain text is NOT HTML!!! Therefore YOUR mail reader which renders it as 
if it is HTML is WRONG, and mine and others which do not are CORRECT.

>Maybe we should inform ibiblio that their software has a bug that is corrupting character entities into html text strings, a bug that effects not only us, but others who deal with other languages. A patch shouldn’t be that difficult. Who to contact?

There is NO BUG in the ibiblio software, at least none that we have 
found. The only bug we have found is in YOUR mail program - in fact a 
matching pair of bugs.

I will not enter into any more correspondence on this, as I have wasted 
a lot of time trying to explain the situation and you seem to be 
refusing to understand the problem.

Peter Kirk
peter at qaya.org (personal)
peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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