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    I was asked by Prof. Aaron Demsky to post the following
announcement/program concerning The Seventh International Conference on
Jewish Names at The 14th World Congress of Jewish Studies, to be held July
31-August 1, 2005, at The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus Campus, Jerusalem,
    Dr. Demsky is Director, The Project for the Study of Jewish Names,
Department of Jewish History, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan 52900 Israel.
    He may be reached by phone at 972-2-9931-878 (home) or fax at
972-9932-208 (home).
    His e-mail address is: demskya at mail.biu.ac.il

    Joseph I. Lauer
    Brooklyn, New York

The Seventh International Conference on Jewish Names
at The 14th World Congress of Jewish Studies

July 31-August 1, 2005
The Hebrew University   Mount Scopus Campus
Jerusalem, Israel


520      Antiquity
Chairperson: Yigal Levin
Sunday (31 July 2005)   11:30 - 13:30 Room: 2720
Yael Avrahami           (E)
Giving Names to the Newborn in the Hebrew Bible
Siam Bhayro   (E)
The Angel Name Shemihazah
Joel S. Burnett           (E)
Divine Absence in Biblical Personal Names
Hananel Mack           (H)
"Mehetav`el, daughter of Matred, daughter of Me- zahav" (Genesis 36: 39)

521      Toponymy
Chairperson: Yoel Elitzur
Sunday (31 July 2005)   15:00 - 17:00   Room: 2720
Yehuda Ziv     (H)
The Israel Government Names Committee - Modus Operandi
Lea Mazor      (H)
"Might" and "Strength" in Israeli Place Names during the First Years of
Statehood - Biblical and Ideological Aspects
Ronny Reich  (H)
On the Names "Gihon" and "Shiloah"
Yossi Spanier (H)
"From the Sole of the Foot unto the Head": The Usage of the Names of Body
Parts in Geographic Description in the Bible

522      Hebrew Literature
Chairperson: Boris Kotlerman
Sunday (31 July 2005)   17:30 - 19:30  Room: 2720
Ephraim Hazan           (H)
The Personal Name as a Linguistic and Stylistic Factor in Jewish Medieval
Poetry from Spain
Juliette Hassine         (H)
"Sol-Hatsadique" - Onomastic Characteristics in the Creation of a Cultural
Lea Garfinkel (H)
The Artist as a Creator: Endowing Names in Literary Works
Sara Friedman            (H)
Names and Naming in Hebrew Literary Translation

523      Between East and West
Monday (1 Aug 2005)   09:00 - 11:00 Room: 2720
Bracha Yaniv  (H)
"Perlsticker" and "Goldsticker": Some Specialist Surnames in Tailoring
Reuven Enoch            (H)
Hebrew Names in the Speech of Georgian Jews
Chana Tolmas            (E)
Occupational Names of Bukharan Jews in the Modern Period
Zofia Abramowicz       (E)
Jewish Names in Bialystok

524      Contemporary
Chairperson:  Meir Bar-Ilan
Monday (1 Aug 2005)   11:30 - 13:30  Room: 2720
Jean-Pierre Stroweis (E)
Name Changes during the British Mandate
Michael Falk  (E)
The Days of the Week as Jewish Surnames
Ofra Malka Birnboim            (H)
Jewish Israeli Identity according to Proper Names of Settlers in Samaria
Aviel Kranzler            (H)
Israeliness and Jewishness- Israeli Names versus Jewish Names

525      The Last Millennium
Chairperson: Refael Yankelvitch
Monday (1 Aug 2005)   15:00 - 17:00  Room: 2720
Yisrael Rozenson       (H)
Geographic Names in Jewish Sources from the Period of the Crusades
Elinoar Bareket         (H)
Jewish Personal Names in Fatimid Egypt during the 11th Century
Yaakov Lattes            (H)
Social Stratification and Topography according the Names Contained in the
Register of Jewish Community of Rome
Yosef Rivlin    (H)
Double Given Names among Ashkenazic Jewry

526      The Essence of Jewish Names:
Chairperson: Aaron Demsky
Monday (1 Aug 2005)   17:30 - 19:30  Room: Auditorium

Aharon Appelfeld       (H)
My Family Names

Panel Discussion: Onomastics and Jewish Studies (E)
Ariel Toaff
James L. Kugel
Shalom Rozenberg 

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