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The type of inspiration spoken of you are speaking of is not what
theologians a generally speaking of when they discuss "inspiration."
There is a difference between the human inspiration of a poet or bard,
and divine inspiration as this is traditionally understood by believers
when they speak of scripture. While I marvel at the achievements of a
Shakespeare or Elliot, I do not put their works in the same category as
Scripture, which, I believe, has its origin in God. While the works of
poets certainly owe their inspiration to God's gift, the inspiration of
Scripture not only different in degree, but also in kind. I realize that
you may not share my rather conservative/orthodox faith commitments, and
that's fine. But I wanted to be sure we were talking about the same


As far as the question of pious fraud being "resolved centuries ago,"
perhaps you could enlighten me. I know that many assert that the
ancients were not concerned with such things, but I am not at all
certain that simply asserting such a thing makes it so, or "resolves" it
to everyone's satisfaction.


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