[b-hebrew] Hebrew in messages was Re: Iron sharpeneth iron? (Prov. 27:17)

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Jul 6 20:18:15 EDT 2005

On 06/07/2005 19:28, Karl Randolph wrote:

>Camino is a Carbonized for  Macintosh version of Mozilla.

Indeed. Are you using the latest version, 0.8.4? But the problem is 
almost certainly with your webmail program. Unfortunately many webmail 
programs are full of bugs, which is a good reason for using POP mail and 
a proper mail program - although webmail has big advantages for people 
who travel without computers.

>When you wrote the two examples below, they both show Hebrew letters in my browser, only the breakout version does not.

The problem then is with your webmail program.

>Could there be a problem in the archive software, that it does not always display Hebrew and Unicode? It does not  display Hebrew when I look at the archive.

Hebrew shows up correctly in the archives when it is correctly encoded 
in the original message, as you can confirm by viewing the archives with 
Camino. But it doesn't show Hebrew properly when that Hebrew is not 
properly encoded, as in your past postings. And in some of your recent 
postings you have the same problem with smart quotes - look in the 
archives at your own posting on Aramaic in Babylonia starting "To get 
the peripheral subject out of the way first". (And there is also a word 
wrap problem, which may also be something to do with your webmail program.)

Interestingly, Karl, you were able to send Hebrew correctly encoded this 
time, by using Hebrew (Windows-1255) encoding, which your webmail system 
probably chose because you were replying to my message in that same 

Peter Kirk
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