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Was there any _spoken_ difference between Akkadian and Aramaic during the Neo-Babylonian period? That what appear to be differences may actually be related to our faulty understanding of pronunciation?

All I can say definitely is that all the history sources I have read indicate that Aramaic was the lingua Franca from the Neo-Babylonian period through the end of the Persian empire. Further, official documents were found in Egypt written in Aramaic from that period.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Yigal Levin" <leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il>

> Hi y'all, and with apologies for cross-posting?
> Does anyone have any information on the status of Aramaic IN 
> BABYLON during the Neo-Babylonian period? How widely was it used, 
> by whom, did it have any official status (like it would during the 
> Persian period)? Was the exiled Jewish community more likely to 
> speak Aramaic or Babylonian/Akkadian? Are there any official 
> documents in Aramaic?
> Thanks,
> Yigal Levi

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