[b-hebrew] David or Elhanan?

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On 25/01/2005 15:03, Brian Roberts wrote:

> Has anyone seriously given attention to the possibility that David and 
> El-hanan (both variously said to have slain Goliath) could be one and 
> the same person? I've read online looking for papers, but I find 
> nothing more probing than the assertion in the Encyclopedia Judaica 
> that Elhanan was David's original name. ...

David Rohl believes Elhanan to be the real name or original of David. He 
explains that "the name David (Hebrew Dud/Dwd) is actually a Hurrian 
title or coronation name ('beloved [of deity N]')... It was then later 
Hebraised as Dadua and, later, Dud/Dwd ('beloved [of Yah]'). Solomon too 
carried this title or coronation name in its fuller form - JEDIDIAH." 
("From Eden to Exile", p.287) (Rohl takes the form Dadua from the Amarna 
letters, which he understands as in part describing the times of Saul 
and David. I am not suggesting discussion of this theory here.)

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