[b-hebrew] What? Where? Ehud & Eglon

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Hi Karl,

While possible, how do you explain the DN? And the word MSDRWN in the next 
verse, which seems to parallel PR$DN?

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> Dear B-Hebrew:
> While reading through Judges 3, the word PR$DN caught
> my eye, it is a hapax legomai, could it mean "wardrobe"?
> In other words, where the king's clothes were spread out
> prior to his wearing them? If so, it would be connected to
> the root PR$ / PR% meaning to spread out, used in the
> contexts as cloth, book (scroll), net, entrails (for
> divination), sail, etc.
> I know what the traditional translations have stated, but
> I wonder if the translators were depending too much on
> what happened later to assign a definition to the term?
> But from the context, would it have happened that way?
> It sounds like Eglon took Ehud into his antechamber to
> speak privately with him and Ehud made up a story to
> explain why Eglon was not coming out right away.
> What say ye?
> Karl W. Randolph.
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