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In light of recent discussion on Hebrew word order, listers might be interested in the following description of using software to search for various orders of verb, subject, and object.

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On 25/11/2005 01:05, Dave Washburn wrote:

> ...
>I'm one of them.  I find it amusing that anyone uses a statistical 
>argument for a base order of VSO, because the statistics are heavily 
>skewed by the frequency of the wayyiqtol, which just about everyone 
>agrees is a converted (i.e. secondary, not basal) form. ...

I'm not one of them. And I would have thought "just about everyone" is an exaggeration. An alternative view which I thought was quite widely accepted is that WAYYIQTOL is in fact a more original and ancient form, an old proto-Semitic verb form, to which is attached the vav marking the clause boundary. Because this form adheres to the original VSO word order and is not used in secondary constructions in which the verb has moved, the vav has become inseparable. - or perhaps jussives are WAYYIQTOLs without their vav. I don't claim that this is necessarily true, but I have seen no clear evidence that WAYYIQTOL is secondary, rather than primary and reflecting the original dominant Hebrew word order.

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