[b-hebrew] Zech 6:8

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 16 21:10:05 EST 2005

Thanks Harold. I would like to read this, but my Gesenius (Baker 1984
translated by Tregelles) does not seem to have sections. My page 145 just
gives the words from BRQ to BR$( (strong #'s 1301-1306).

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> Dear Steve (Miller),
> Here is a relevant Gesenius' Hebrew Grammar paragraph on Z(Q in the
> Hiphil in Zech 6:8. It is section 53d (p. 145). It gives a bunch of
> Hebrew Hiphil verbs that carry much the same meaning as the Qal. Z(Q is
> mentioned among them, and "cry out" is given as the meaning. Gesenius
> calls them inwardly transitive or intensive Hiphils.
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> Harold Holmyard

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