[b-hebrew] Zech 6:8

Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Fri Dec 16 16:03:11 EST 2005

Dear Herman:

What I wrote about Proverbs 1:19 is found here:


Karl W. Randolph.

You wrote:

Dear Karl,

If I'm correct you said Proverbs 1,19 has been discussed a few months ago?
I'll shortly put my "analysis" here, because I disagree with your
explanation (that involves correcting the masoretes, which may
sometimes be needed, but not here I think). You don't have to go into
that, after all the discussion has expired ;)
Imho. what we have there is:

?? ????? ?? ??? ???
"Such are the ways of all who are eager for gain"
?? ??? ????? ???
"It takes the life of those who have it [its possessors]"

The way I see it, the second ??? BC( is the object of the first. A
"botzéa bètza` [=bátza` in pausal position] is, then, some kind of
expression for a "greedy opportunist", "someone who's 'longing for
loot'". This way the second ??? is correctly pointed as pausal, so we
don't need a change in the accents.


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