[b-hebrew] N. Golb book was Re: Use of Qahal in Qumran Scrolls

goranson at duke.edu goranson at duke.edu
Fri Dec 16 07:26:27 EST 2005

Dear Herman Meester,
Are you unconcerned that the book includes factual errors and that it fails to
provide any real evidence that all 900 or so partly extant Qumran scrolls were
brought from Jerusalen during the First Revolt?
As for "sect," are you saying that is is OK with you to entertain associating
Qumran with the school/"heresy" Pharisees (in the neutral sense of the term),
but that is not OK with you to entertain associating the Essenes? Do you
dismiss the Qumran text anti-Pharisee polemics found by the majority of Qumran
scholars? And, which Qumran scrolls, if any, do you consider Pharisee texts?

Stephen Goranson
"Jannaeus, His Brother Absalom, and Judah the Essene"

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