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Herman Meester crazymulgogi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 15:34:52 EST 2005

Frankly, Karl, I didn't think I had to learn Ugaritic until I wanted
to convince my professor Gzella here in Leiden, of the gemination
theory for the definite article in Arabic and Hebrew. I can imagine
this won't interest everyone, b.t.w. However, this theory belongs to
Galia Hatav's, and my, theory on the "wayyiqtol" form and the article.
All I have to do now, in fact, is to show Gzella that his reference to
the Ugaritic word /hn/ (which I think is in this case not relevant to
BHebrew) doesn't make sense. For example, the article always preceeds
the noun, and I want to take a look at this /hn/, suspecting it
follows nouns, and not preceeds them.
So I don't think I need Ugaritic to understand Hebrew better, I think
we need Hebrew to understand Ugaritic better! The reason being that we
simply know a lot more of Hebrew: we have a lot of vowels etc. of it,
not of Ugaritic.
שלום, Herman

2005/12/15, Karl Randolph <kwrandolph at email.com>:
> Herman:
> I can't help but be curious, why do you think you must learn
> Ugaritic to learn Hebrew? If it is a requirement from a professor
> for class, that makes sense, and the various resources from such
> as Yitzhak are a good place to start.
> Yitzhak has some strong beliefs that are not shared by all
> members of this list, and for that reason is a strong proponent
> for learning Ugaritic. What is your excuse?
> Karl W. Randolph.
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> From: "Herman Meester" <crazymulgogi at gmail.com>
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> > Hi everyone,
> > It seems I have to learn Ugaritic for something I want to study in
> > Hebrew. What would the experts here say are good textbooks? Is there a
> > nice collection of transcribed texts, or is it all scattered over
> > various journals? I just want to get a good impression of how its
> > syntax and morphology works, I'm not going to study Ugarit culture or
> > anything. Sorry for bothering you, and thanks a lot.
> > Herman
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