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On 15/12/2005 02:01, Gene Gardner wrote:

>Yitzhak stated:  Finally, it would help to know, when citing translations and comparing them, which translation gives which.  And your transcription of the Hebrew, while consistent, (and we all have Bibles that we can look it up), is still confusing, for example, in using s = Shin and $ = Samekh.  The grave is also commonly used for an Ayin rather than an Aleph as you have it.  The standard transcription scheme for the list is at: http://www.ibiblio.org/bhebrew/  I personally don't mind deviations but the ones I noted above are confusing.    Thank you for the thorough and fact filled explanation Yitzhak. I will take your suggestions for future postings, and observe the list transliteration scheme.
Gene, another tip which would make things easier for other list users: 
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that this list does not support HTML formatting, so any distinctions of 
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