[b-hebrew] Psalms 68

Herman Meester crazymulgogi at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 00:40:13 EST 2005

Hi Peter,
By the way, have you been giving any thoughts lately to the
wayyiqtol/article etc. theories? Discussing the subject in Dutch with
a disbeliever student in Holland, who, in sharp contrast to you, is a
rather stubborn and conservative supporter of the "*han-theory", I
"found" a few "new" arguments that the original definite article is
only the gemination, in Arabic at least. I lost track a little of what
I had been telling, so if you're not tired of the subject, let me know
if you're interested and I'll post it online.
And I can well imagine that I did tire you, just tell me so frankly ;)

2005/12/14, Peter Kirk <peter at qaya.org>:
> On 13/12/2005 19:14, Herman Meester wrote:
> > ...
> >
> >
> >Myself I was even too lazy to get up and get myself a Bible
> >translation, and I don't really read BHebrew that quick.
> >Well, we learn lessons every day; I learned that I was right after all
> >to use only my tiny Qoren bible ;) In some (most?) academic circles,
> >you are supposed to only use the BHS, some people in Leiden think so,
> >but one of them (Jongeling, the one of the Diction. of NWSem inscr.)
> >once told us his "mood is ruined when he sees the footnotes of BHS".
> >
> >We just have to remember these lessons well.
> >
> >Frankly, I prefer to use the Qoren only because it's small and because
> >its font is nice. "Snaith" is small too, but its font looks bad, so
> >does BHS by the way, a major step backwards compared to "Kittel",
> >whose fonts look better. You see, I've got them all, none more
> >expensive, 2nd hand, than a few guilders (at the time) ;)
> >The preface of Qoren actually mentions they were looking for a nice
> >font! If you haven't got one, and ever see it, get your hands on it.
> >It fits in your pocket (15,5 x 11 cm, sorry if you think in inches ;).
> >
> >
> >
> Thank you, Herman. I have a small format BHS which is handy although a
> bit larger than your Qoren.
> Peter
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