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While spoken language has vowels, Hebrew written 
language at the time had only consonants. What both 
Steve and I recognize is that the vowels were not added 
to the written text until much later. Further, while we claim 
that the original autographs were inspired, the copies 
were not, and all we have today are copies of copies. 
Therefore, we claim that the written vowels were not 

Looking at ancient transliterations, we see evidence that 
the pronunciation preserved by the Masoretes is not the 
same as earlier pronunciations, which most likely was not 
the same as the pronunciation during Biblical times.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Herman Meester" <crazymulgogi at gmail.com>

> Dear Steve,
> I hope you are not suggesting that we can do without the vowels? ...
> Regards
> Herman

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