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To me, BDB & Gesenius have a lot of wrong info. I second Herman that a
Hebrew Concordance gives you the meaning of the words better. I use George
Wigram's "The Englishman's Hebrew & Chaldee Concordance of the OT".
But now I use Online Bible much more and search by the Strongs numbers,
which is much more efficient. It is free. You can also search by Hebrew
consonants in the BHS text. Online Bible can only search for complete Hebrew
words. If I want to search for a part of a Hebrew word, then I use Davar,
which is also free.

I think the best OT lexicon for someone who believes in the word by word
inspiration of the OT is "Theological Wordbook of the OT" by Harris, Archer
& Waltke, 2 volumes. I have not used it much, but I have found it helpful.
It gives reasons for the word meanings based on Biblical usage, giving you
enough info to judge for yourself.

I do not have HALOT to compare.

-Steve Miller

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I've always used the BDB.  I remember someone on this list mentioning
another lexicon that they considered to be superior to BDB.  What lexicons
and resources are being used by members of this list?
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