[b-hebrew] Judaica searchable CD Rom?

Pere Casanellas pcasanel at xtec.net
Thu Dec 8 16:49:24 EST 2005

Dear Jace,

You can consult and search the Targum online in the excellent 
Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon database: 

The excellent BibleWorks program includes (taken from the CAL database) 
the Targum Onkelos to the Torah, Jonathan to the Prophets and Targum to 
the Hagiographa: <http://www.bibleworks.com>. I think the Targum 
database in this program will be improved in the future.

I use the Soncino Talmud and think that it is very helpful and easy to 
use. In has the Hebrew/Aramaic text and also the English Soncino 
translation and notes.

The Responsa CD12 is a bit complicated to use, does not have any 
translation of Hebrew/Aramaic texts and does not include the Targum. It 
includes a lot of other texts and has very good search capabilities.

You can find more CDs on Judaica (and the addresses of the last two) on 
page 32 of my web pages <http://www.pere.casanellas.com/bible> (see also 
page 31).

Best wishes,


Pere Casanellas
Co-director of the Corpus Biblicum Catalanicum <http://www.abcat.org/cbcat>
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En/na Jace Broadhurst ha escrit:

>I am in the market for several things and you all may be the best suited to give me advice.  
>Searchable CDs of Judaica (Hebrew/Aramaic and English)
>    Talmud (both if possible), 
>    Midr (Tanh at least but Rab has some cool additions) 
>    and Tg (at least onk, Ps-J and  Neofiti).  
>I see that Davka has Soncino classics at under $400.00 and
>this included Midrash Rabbah and Bab Talmud as well as Zohar.  Have you used this and is it worthwhile? Is it or any others you suggest very user friendly?  What about for the Targums?  Any help you can give would be great.

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