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Genesis is full of dates, just not in the modern 
format, nor as many as a modern historian 
would include.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Tna Swg" <tnaswg at yahoo.com>
> Dr. Kirk:
>    Generally in history books, one finds dates and years. Very few 
> in Genesis. Whoa. Are there any? Where is a king talked about 
> including Ch. 14 which has several kings. And what nations are 
> mentioned? Or will you let us simply have citystates as is the 
> modern and critical consensus, if one dare call it a consensus. Are 
> we going to call the geneologies/teledoth king lists? Please.
>    And these questions are where translation = interpretation.
>    Repectfully,
>    Marc Bauer
>    PS sorry for the lateness of response. No need to answer if you 
> wish to forego.

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