[b-hebrew] word order

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 18:15:32 EST 2005

Hi Herman,

Do you mean something like:

Polak, Frank H. "The Style of the Dialogue in Biblical Prose Narrative." 
Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society 28 (2001): 53-95.

David Kummerow.

> שלום לכם תלמידי תנ"ך
> Dear people discussing word order,
> As I said in another mail in the thread "hebrew grammar", where I
> discuss the Wayyqtl issue, I also stated something I would like to
> hear your reaction to (in fact quoting my teacher Karel Jongeling, who
> suggested this):
> In order to describe word order in the best way possible, it may be
> advisable to describe the syntax of all the lines in MT prose, where
> it is clear we are dealing with direct speech. This direct speech may
> be polished to meet the requirements of Hebrew literary prose, but it
> is still direct speech, most likely to express the "actual" word
> order.
> Does anyway know if something like that has been done?
> regards,
> Herman

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