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On Thursday 01 December 2005 06:22, you wrote:
> On 01/12/2005 00:49, Dave Washburn wrote:
> >On Wednesday 30 November 2005 15:53, you wrote:
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> >>Not actually to answer the question - but I just looked at
> >>Heimerdinger's treatment of this issue ("Topic, Focus and Foreground in
> >>Ancient Hebrew Narrative", p.25), and he notes that Muraoka excludes
> >>WAYYIQTOL clauses from his investigation but still consludes that V-S is
> >>the basic word order.
> >
> >Is that the Jouon-Muraoka grammar, his book on emphatic constructions, or
> > some other?
> Heimerdinger references Muraoka's 1985 book "Emphatic Words and
> Structures in Biblical Hebrew" (Jerusalem: Magnes Press). He also writes
> in a footnote "Thus view is reiterated in Joüon and Muraoka (1991: 579,
> par. 155k)".

OK.  The latter is supposed to be shipping from Logos in the next week or two, 
and given enough time I think I can lay my hands on the former, though I 
confess I wasn't all that excited about it the first time I read it many 
years ago...

Thanks for the info.

Dave Washburn
"Maybe I'll trade it for a new hat."

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