[b-hebrew] Ancient Biblical Writings - Original Hebrew Language

David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 28 02:52:30 EDT 2005

If you're also interested in phonology in adition to orthography, check 
out as a start:

Rendsburg, Gary A. "Ancient Hebrew Phonology." Pages 65-83 in 
_Phonologies of Asia and Africa (Including the Caucasus): Volume 1_. 
Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 1997.

Khan, Geoffrey. "Tiberian Hebrew Phonology." Pages 85-102 in 
_Phonologies of Asia and Africa (Including the Caucasus): Volume 1_. 
Winona Lake: Eisenbrauns, 1997.

David Kummerow.

> I am studying the ancient biblical alphabet in a
> Biblical Studies course and would like to know what
> evidence points to the original Hebrew language. In
> the documents circulated of the Dead Sea Scrolls there
> are several forms shown. Most of the alphabets I have
> seen have the aleph beginning with what appears to be
> the letter n; from my understanding, in the original
> Hebrew language the aleph begins with what appears to
> be shaped like an F.
> My conclusion is the original Hebrew language is the
> one that appears to be shaped like an F because it is
> the language that was written on Solomon's Temple and
> during the 1st Temple time period.
> Other evidence that validates this theory is shown in
> the Leviticus Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in books
> written by D.N. Freeman, Hebrew Dictionary, and K. A.
> Matthews.  There have also been archeological
> materials found in what appears to be Hezekiah?s
> tunnel that have a language inscribed with the aleph
> beginning with the letter F in Solomy inscription. I
> also notice that in the Moabite writings there were
> similarities, but three letters were different.
> My question is what is the original Hebrew language?
> What evidence validates this, and what other resources
> can be utilized for this study?
> I am a student and plan to develop a thesis statement
> on ancient writings of the Hebrew culture and would
> like to respectively ask for your advice and further
> resources.
> Chioma

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