[b-hebrew] Does a maqaf affect vowelizaton?

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I hope I am reading you correctly, yes the maqqef does change the vowels in the sense that it shortens the first word (s).

Like in Exodus 29:12  W:ET -KAL-HADDAM.

KAL is shortened of KOL, and 'ET is shortened of "'T 
Kelton Graham 
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> I understand that the presence of a maqaf between two words affects the 
> cantillation, singing, of the words. But does it also affect the 
> vowelization? Specifically, is A-B vowelized differently than A and B 
> separately? 
> Currently the Unicode/XML Tanach always displays maqafs, regardless of 
> content type (Accents, Vowels, Consonants). Future versions will 
> probably not show the maqaf for the Consonantse. At issue is whether 
> the maqaf should be shown for the Vowels. 
> Chris Kimball 
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