[b-hebrew] Ancient Biblical Writings - Original Hebrew Language

chioma yisrael chiomayisrael at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 27 10:13:50 EDT 2005

I am studying the ancient biblical alphabet in a
Biblical Studies course and would like to know what
evidence points to the original Hebrew language. In
the documents circulated of the Dead Sea Scrolls there
are several forms shown. Most of the alphabets I have
seen have the aleph beginning with what appears to be
the letter n; from my understanding, in the original
Hebrew language the aleph begins with what appears to
be shaped like an F.

My conclusion is the original Hebrew language is the
one that appears to be shaped like an F because it is
the language that was written on Solomon's Temple and
during the 1st Temple time period.

Other evidence that validates this theory is shown in
the Leviticus Scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls, in books
written by D.N. Freeman, Hebrew Dictionary, and K. A.
Matthews.  There have also been archeological
materials found in what appears to be Hezekiah’s
tunnel that have a language inscribed with the aleph
beginning with the letter F in Solomy inscription. I
also notice that in the Moabite writings there were
similarities, but three letters were different.

My question is what is the original Hebrew language?
What evidence validates this, and what other resources
can be utilized for this study?

I am a student and plan to develop a thesis statement
on ancient writings of the Hebrew culture and would
like to respectively ask for your advice and further


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